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How would you currently rate your firm’s ability to provide a favorable mobile-web experience?

  • Are your clients and shareholders able to use SmartPhones and Tablets to obtain the same information that they access from their PCs?
  • Are your employees able to use SmartPhones and Tablets to access the documents, tools and resources that they obtain using on-site or remote access PC capabilities?
  • Can your client-facing, workforce use SmartPhones and Tablets to readily access and share, with customers and prospects, your proprietary news, information and tools that are available for external use?
  • Does your website provide a favorable user experience when accessed from a SmartPhone and tablet?
  • Would you like to find ways to integrate social media successfully into your external and internal marketing and communications programs?
  • Do you have a world-class mobile-web approach to interacting with your clients, shareholders and employees?

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  • Our solutions leverage the benefits and scalability of open-source technologies so we can continually provide the latest generation of technology innovation to meet your needs.
  • We understand all facets of financial services — boutique firms serving sophisticated, niche clients; local and regional banks serving retail consumers and commercial customers; and large global financial services firms.
  • If you would like to enhance your firm’s current mobile-web experience, please contact us to explore solutions to build brand-equity with your external and internal stakeholders.

The Shrinking Battlefields of Brand War-fare

by Jill Blumenfeld

Who remembers the tipping-point when the competitive landscape for bottled-water shifted in the blink of an eye to become the full-blown, battle-of- the- brands we have today? Even as environmental concerns surrounding bottled-water continue to surface, demand is heavy and competition is fierce. The impact of brand differentiation, with a commodity as bland as water remains pivotal to the profitability and growth for each competitor in this market. A similar transformation with a different tipping-point is underway today in another commoditized marketplace: the financial services industry. While brand war-fare has been playing out in the financial services industry for a very long time, the battlefields are being re-defined as they shrink in physical size and dramatically increase the frequency of opportunities for brand-enhancing interactions.

Brand war-fare is taking place on the new battlefields, which are relevant to every financial services company that competes today, regardless of size, scope and geographic reach. While competitors attempt to differentiate themselves from the pack by customizing their services and solutions for clients, the ultimate deliverables are commodities, albeit, financial ones, in the form of liquidity, credit and investment alternatives, for which demand will continue, no matter what controversies surround the industry. Today’s battlefields are portable and relatively small, no larger than the screen sizes of SmartPhones and Tablets. Technology-based battlefields have shifted from traditional web-based technology to mobile access which currently is either enhancing your firm’s brand equity among your customers, clients, shareholders and employees or detracting from their experience with your business. When you offer well-designed, user-friendly, mobile web applications you will strengthen the level of brand equity you have with those key stakeholders who want to use their Smartphones and Tablets to interact with your business.


Jill Blumenfeld helps executives deliver compelling communications that drive profitable growth. Her internal communications solutions enable companies to engage, educate and inspire employees. Her external communications solutions support business development and enhance brand reputation. She simplifies complex business scenarios by articulating key messages that resonate with target audiences and address the needs of diverse stakeholders.

Jill’s perceptive communications insight comes from extensive senior level experience advising some of the best known companies in the world, including JPMorgan Chase where her capabilities supported the firm’s senior executive leaders and their growth strategies for 13 years. The communications solutions that Jill provided between 1993 and 2005 helped position some of the most complex mergers in U.S. banking history, which ultimately created the global financial powerhouse JPMorgan Chase. The innovative and empowering corporate culture within the firm enabled Jill and the teams she led to pioneer new types of internal and external marketing communications vehicles to support line-of-business and corporate needs. She was responsible for leading numerous strategic communications projects across the firm to enhance its reputation and promote cross-selling among thousands of employees globally.

Since 2005, Jill has worked in senior executive internal communications roles with Arrow Electronics (global electronics distributor), AIG (financial services), and Deloitte (professional services), plus freelance projects with Horizon Media (largest independent media services company in the U.S.) and the Albanese Organization (a premier real estate developer known for pioneering environmentally-advanced residential high-rise towers in North America).

While Jill is a well-versed communications professional, she began her career as an accountant with Ernst & Young and ultimately transformed her career by applying her finely-tuned analytical and business writing skills to professional publishing and then to marketing communications. After three years in public accounting, she joined Bankers Trust (currently known as Deutsche Bank) where she translated technical accounting language into simple guides that explained the financial reporting impact of banking transactions. She also researched and wrote white papers on behalf of the bank to help shape industry accounting rules and regulations that were being developed. During this period, Jill earned her CPA. She leveraged that credential to join the professional publisher Warren, Gorham & Lamont, where she soon became a Managing Editor of accounting publications. She was subsequently solicited as a freelance writer by Sheshunoff to develop and author a book on financial statement analysis which was marketed to small banks. This opportunity propelled Jill’s freelance writing career and established a track record for her across a range of industry sectors: healthcare, immunotherapy, chemicals and technology. Jill returned to financial services in 1993, in a marketing communications role. These experiences provide a substantial communications foundation for Jill to leverage as she provides world-class communications solutions to help clients achieve their goals.