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Promote Your Website with Internet Marketing

Online marketing, or internet marketing, gives you the power to reach an infinite world of consumers. Lookit Design is an online marketing company from Brooklyn that provides services to both domestic and international clients. We are an online business marketing company that can create effective online business promotions for your firm. If your goal is to make your presence felt on the world wide web, and build up a positive brand recognition amongst your customers, then you have come to the right internet marketing website.

PPC Management

The initial setup process of PPC Management (Pay Per Click campaigns) includes keyword research, competitive analysis, geographic targeting, competitive analysis, grouping of ad campaigns, and marketing campaign development. Lookit SEO will actively manage your campaign using our proprietary competition monitoring software as well as measuring ROI (return on investment) for keywords and there display variations. Learn more about our PPC Management options.

Email campaigns — get more customers!

Lookit can help you create an email direct response campaign integrated with your site. Capture email addresses of current and prospective customers and send them regular HTML emails about new services, company events, product promotions, or other news announcements. Lookit is an authorized partner for Constant Contact, featuring the following benefits:

Optimized customer interaction
Email newsletters are fast and inexpensive to create. You can send them more regularly than paper ones. Also, email marketing puts you in customers’ inboxes more accurately than regular email. You’ll avoid spam filters and be seen by more people.

Efficiently target your customers

Want to increase the impact of your emails? Segment your database and create smaller customer lists based on their interests. Then send more relevant and targeted messages to them. They’ll be more likely to respond – and more likely to act on your emails.

Get more referrals, more easily
Email newsletters are easy to forward to other people. So your loyal customers can give their friends – new prospects for you – a risk-free peek at your business or organization. It’s easy for these prospects to sign up for your mailing list3 when you put our “Join My Mailing List” button on your web site. And through regular communication, you’ll turn those interested prospects into additional loyal customers.

Get immediate response and action
It’s quick to send emails, and it’s quick to see results with real-time reports. You can even schedule email delivery for when your audience is most likely to check email, so you’ll increase the likelihood they’ll read it and take action.

Track who reads and responds
See who opened your emails, who forwarded them to friends, and even who you need to resend them to. You can also tell who clicked on which links in your emails, allowing you to understand what people are interested in reading about, and tailor your content to get the best response and most business.

Save on paper and postage
You can send as many permission-based email newsletters as you want. It’s still the same low price. There’s nothing to print, no stamps to buy, no envelopes to stuff, and no paper cuts.

Discover how the power of Email Marketing by Constant Contact can help you better connect with your customers, strengthen your relationships with them, and grow your organization.

Setup includes account details, initial list import, review of optimum settings, integration with their existing website.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a shot it the arm for internet marketing. Facebook, Twitter and other applications give you a direct channel to your customer base for genuine dialogue and immediate outreach. It’s like having a focus group, a think tank and a board room at your fingertips at all times. Right now around the world, millions of people are busy talking to each other: on Facebook, on Twitter, through email and blog posts.  They talk to each other in the office.  At home.  On their phones.  They are instantly everywhere.

Most of this online conversation doesn’t involve websites.  It takes place in social media, on new digital networks designed to connect people together in novel and powerful ways.  And if your business does not have a strategy for taking part in this conversation, you’re missing out on some of today’s greatest opportunities for reaching people with your unique message.

Facebook Fan/Business Page

Facebook has changed the way millions of people in the world communicate today. With more than 500 million users, it has become the most popular social networking site presently. In today’s era where businesses are rapidly expanding their activities online, it pays to be on Facebook as part of your social media marketing strategy.

If you were able to befriend prospective customers and keep them updated you would have people constantly being reminded of you without ever “marketing” a single thing. Creating a custom Facebook design will assist you in maintaining a fresh and appealing profile for your company. Some of the advantages that you get while using Facebook as a tool are as below:

– Generating Credibility through
– Creating Trust
– Better Viral Marketing
– Turning the value of relationships into meaningful profits
– Increased Visibility on the Internet

Twitter Profile Design

Customizing your Twitter account builds trust and credibility to your company or your small business. Creating an amazing first impression for your Twitter followers has the following advantages:

– Quick, real time updates and advertisements
– Induce people to become your followers & improve your follower statistics
– Improve your brand image
– Cash in on the trust and credibility
– Generate better profits and enhance your business

Twitter offers a unique opportunity for companies and small businesses to stay in touch with their followers and the whole community.