ADA Compliance for NYC Schools

Easy and affordable ADA Compliance for NYC School Websites

Make Your Website Accessible To Everyone

Affordable, fully-managed cloud-based software that works on any website platform. 

Our system delivers a personalized user experience, with dozens of settings that can be customized by each individual website viewer. 

Go Beyond The Minimum

Give your website users a tool they can use to control the way they view and interact with your website. Let them personalize their experience depending on their individual requirements.

NYC Schools Parents and Students

A Solution For Many Types of Disabilities

A blind user has very different needs from someone affected by Parkinson’s Disease or autism. Lookit Accessibility covers every requirement. Let your website visitors choose the most helpful settings for their circumstances.

Try It Yourself

Click on the actual Handicap Icon located in the upper right corner, and the accessibility options menu will appear.

Try It Yourself

Click on the actual Handicap Icon located in the lower right corner, and the accessibility options menu will appear.

Who Is Affected? 

Nearly 1.5 Million New Yorkers have a disability that affects how they use the Internet. 

Cost and Features

$795 /year

School Website

  • Up to 1,000 pages
  • Installation & Testing
  • Custom Branding
  • Email and Chat Support
  • Daily Scans
  • AI-Powered Tagging
  • Compliance Certificate
  • Litigation Support
  • Up to 100K Page Views/Mo.
  • 30-Day Guarantee

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We should be able to just come in for some regular meetings about their child's academic or behavior or opportunities like college and career transition. Instead, they have this barrier in the way, you know, because we can't accommodate.

On the flip side, I think that's where Lookit Design really helps with the website is that those barriers, be it seizure issues, vision impairments - those are all taken care of. And I know it's not just ADA compliance, but also even the language, the automatic translation for families, and stakeholders looking at the website - it's a game changer to make it all-inclusive.


Steven Serling, Assistant Principal
The High School for Climate Justice – M655


Benefits For NYC Schools

Reach A Larger Audience, ADA Compliance, Support Students with Disabilities

Student with Disability
ADA Compliance
The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities. Since 2018 websites must be fully accessible and are covered by Title II of the ADA. Website owners must adhere to these standards. A disabled parent can sue for damages under the ADA. New York City Public Schools is committed to ensuring its digital content is accessible to people with disabilities. Lookit Design's solution includes a Litigation Support package and a Compliance Statement updated in real-time.
Student with Disability
Attract More Students
An estimated 17% of website users have one or more disabilities. Your website can reach more people if it is ADA Compliant. In addition:
  • With Accessibility, you can see a 12% - 50% increase in website traffic. That translates to more parents viewing your website when considering schools for their children.
School Meeting Parents and Teachers
Greater Acceptance
A disabled person appreciates an accessible website. Make it easier for people to navigate your website, get information, and remove any barriers to viewing it.

Most important for:

  • Educational Institutions
  • City or State Government
School Meeting Parents and Teachers
Down Syndrome Autism Spectrum using web accessibility on home computer
Inclusion Matters
Why wait? By choosing our accessibility solution, you won't have to worry about making a plan to make your website accessible. You'll already fully comply with the ADA - and be a leader in diversity and inclusion. This is the safest approach. You can be a leader and develop goodwill within your community.
Down Syndrome Autism Spectrum using web accessibility on home computer

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