Corporate and Website Policies

Publishing Principles

Lookit Design writes articles about subjects relevant to its core business. Lookit Design is a thought leader in the following related topics.

Website Accessibility, WCAG, and Compliance, Privacy Policies. Web Technologies, including open-source software for authoring, creative, and user interface design. Web Hosting Solutions, Web Security and Cyber Security, and Web Infrastructure (website platforms).  Website Creative Design, trends, and Topics. Website Development and Web Programming. Website Marketing Campaigns that include Social Media Marketing, Search Marketing, Organic SEO and Paid Search, and Email Marketing. 

The intended audience is business professionals interested in topics that impact business success.

Ownership and Funding

Lookit Design is a privately-held Delaware corporation that is self-funded by the company shareholders and through revenue from customers in the United States and Canada. Lookit Design is a tradename of Zenova Corporation.

Actionable Feedback Policy

Website visitors can provide feedback through the online contact forms, by emailing,  and through any of Lookit Design’s email channels on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or Threads. Visitors can also contact the company by telephone at 718-434-2143 or by mail to:

Lookit Design
800 E 17th St., #6B
Brooklyn, NY 11230
United States 

For legal notices related to the Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, ADA Compliance Policy, or the website Terms of Use, please see the respective policies or at the following email addresses:

Legal notices for copyright inquiries, DCMA, or privacy notices for United States or EU Users should be sent to the contact point listed in the Terms of Use

Ethics Policy

Lookit Design is fully committed to maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct and integrity in all our business operations. We believe our success is built on fairness, respect, and transparency.

Commitment to People with Disabilities – United States: ADA Compliance

We respect and value the diversity and individuality of all people, including those with disabilities. We are committed to adhering to the standards outlined in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) by providing an accessible and inclusive environment for everyone. We strive to ensure that our services, products, and facilities are accessible to all, including customers, employees, partners, and the general public, regardless of their physical or cognitive abilities. 

Commitment to Disability Laws in Canada: ACA, AODA

In addition to our commitment to ADA compliance in the United States, we are dedicated to complying with all relevant disability laws in Canada. This includes but is not limited to the Accessible Canada Act (ACA), the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), and other similar provincial laws designed to make workplaces and services accessible and inclusive.

We constantly strive to meet and exceed these laws’ requirements by reviewing our practices and making necessary adjustments to ensure accessibility and inclusivity. This includes areas such as customer service, information and communication, employment, design of public spaces, and transportation.

Whether you are an employee, a customer, a partner, or a member of the public interacting with our services, we are committed to ensuring your needs are met respectfully, comprehensively, and effectively.

Our dedication to creating an accessible environment extends across borders, and we are steadfast in our mission to provide an inclusive experience for everyone, regardless of their abilities or location.

Commitment to Privacy and Personal Information

We are dedicated to safeguarding the privacy and personal information of our customers, employees, and partners. We operate on the principle of data minimization, collecting only necessary information and using it solely for the purpose for which it was collected. We adhere strictly to all data protection laws and commit to maintaining robust security measures to protect against unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction of your personal information.

Adherence to U.S. and Canadian Laws

Our company, as a multinational entity, is devoted to complying with all applicable laws and regulations in the United States and Canada, along with international standards. We promote a culture of integrity, fostering compliance within the company at all levels, from executive management to individual employees. We expect all our employees, contractors, and partners to respect these standards and conduct business with professionalism and integrity.

This ethics policy reflects our dedication to ethical conduct, respect for individuals, and compliance with legal norms. We encourage our stakeholders to join us in upholding these principles, as they are integral to maintaining our reputation, trust, and continued success. 

Diversity Policy

At Lookit Design, we understand and appreciate the power of diversity, and we recognize that it is not only a cornerstone of our culture but also a key driver of our innovation and success. As a proudly LGBT minority-owned business, we are deeply committed to fostering an inclusive, equitable, and welcoming environment for all.

Staffing and Hiring

We believe in equal opportunities and strive to create a diverse workforce regarding gender, race, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, abilities, experiences, and perspectives. Our hiring processes are designed to be free from bias and discrimination. We aim to recruit from a broad pool of talent. We are committed to providing equal opportunities to all applicants, ensuring that our staffing truly reflects the diverse society in which we operate.


We treat all our employees with fairness and respect, and we are committed to offering everyone equal opportunities for development and advancement. We recognize that every individual brings unique skills, experiences, and insights, and we actively seek to leverage these to benefit our team, clients, and community.

We also have zero tolerance for discrimination, harassment, or victimization. Any such behavior or action that is against our company values will be taken care of promptly and effectively. We are committed to providing a safe, inclusive, and respectful working environment where everyone can perform at their best and contribute fully to our collective success.

Minority-owned Business

As an LGBT minority-owned business, we understand firsthand the challenges faced by underrepresented groups. This drives our commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion within our organization, industry, and beyond. We aim to champion these values in all aspects of our business operations and to use our position to promote equality, understanding, and mutual respect.

Our diversity policy is integral to our business ethos, and we are committed to continually reviewing and enhancing our practices to ensure they promote diversity, inclusivity, and fairness. At Lookit Design, we value and celebrate our differences, knowing they make us stronger, more creative, and more successful as a team.

Editorial Content Diversity Policy

Lookit Design extends these principles to our editorial content in line with our commitment to diversity and inclusivity. We are dedicated to producing, promoting, and sharing content representing and respecting the diverse voices, perspectives, and experiences in our community and the world. We aim to foster a sense of belonging for all our audiences, ensuring that our content does not marginalize, stereotype, or unfairly represent any individual or group.

Furthermore, we consciously collaborate with diverse authors, content creators, and experts in producing our editorial content. This commitment helps us create more prosperous, balanced, and insightful content that resonates with our diverse audience. This also aids in fostering a broader understanding, promoting dialogue, and celebrating our diversity.

At Lookit Design, we understand that our content can influence perspectives and take this responsibility seriously. We strive to reflect our commitment to diversity and inclusivity in publishing content.