Event Announcement: Lunch & Learn Online Seminar Series – Topic: ADA Compliance.

Event Announcement: Lunch & Learn Online Seminar Series – Topic: ADA Compliance.
How You Can Make Your Website Accessible to People with Disabilities

95% of today’s websites are NOT accessible. What are the implications for website owners? 

Litigation Risk

The number of lawsuits is rising, especially in NY and CA. The average cost is $35K. And small businesses are NOT exempt.

Market Opportunity

15% of website users have a disability. That’s an opportunity to increase your website traffic instantly.

Brand Loyalty & Reputation

Disabled people will become loyal customers. And everyone else will be impressed. Corporations focus on ESG and DEI, and accessibility and compliance are important factors.

It’s The Law!

Visually impaired office worker at keyboard viewing an accessible website

Every business invests time and money to build its brand and reach customers through its website. And you want to grow your business. You can achieve both by making your website accessible and “ADA Compliant.”  Graham will explain why it’s important and the legal requirements to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. He will also explain the market opportunities and how accessibility directly affects Google SEO. He will provide an interactive software demonstration of an affordable compliance solution that can be implemented in one day. This is an exciting opportunity for you to become a market leader by making your website ADA Compliant!


About The Event

Presenter: Graham Murray

Graham Murray Graham Murray is the Founder and CEO of Lookit Design; a web agency focused on delivering Internet solutions for small and mid-size businesses since 2004. Graham brings experience in telecommunications and the advertising industry, combining his creative drive with his technical background. Lookit Design won the “Best of Brooklyn” website in 2018. Lookit’s goal is to create, maintain and grow its customers’ web presence and then protect that investment on the world’s largest cloud-based infrastructure. Lookit’s services are secure and scalable and use best-of-class technologies — including ADA Compliance and Privacy solutions. Graham has been a member of NGLCC since 2008, and Lookit has been a Certified LGBTBE® supplier since 2012. Graham’s passion is to make the Internet more inclusive and accessible to everyone.


Moderator: Jerry Kajpust, MA, ACC | Jerry Kajpust Coaching & Consulting

Jerry Kajpust As a Professional Development Coach, Jerry Kajpust embraces each person’s unique humanity, inspiring and empowering them to take professional and personal risks to maximize their potential and unblock barriers. Learn more at www.jerrykajpustcoaching.com.


About Lunch & Learn

Building on the virtual community that has formed as a result of the past couple of years, we are pleased to present our new Lunch & Learn program. Our Lunch & Learns provides a monthly opportunity to learn about various topics presented by Subject Matter Experts (SME) from the nglccNY and network with members that are both in the NYC area and beyond.

Each virtual Lunch & Learn includes a 30-45 minute presentation of a topic from a SME, and will also allow time for networking during a breakout session.

To learn more about the Lunch and Learns, have questions or want to submit an idea of a future Lunch & Learn, please email info@nglccny.org.

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