Benefits of Website Accessibility

The Importance of Website Accessibility for Businesses

Websites accessible to people with disabilities will enable those who are visually impaired, have cognitive issues and have other motor skill impairments to participate in the digital world, creating job opportunities and more inclusion in society.

Since COVID, this is more apparent as even regular activities have transferred to the internet, like ordering a cab, booking a doctor’s appointment, or checking bus times. As these web interactions become fundamental to our daily lives, web accessibility has become more critical. Ensuring your website complies with the ADA standards can help create a more inclusive society that gives everyone a fair chance to participate in the digital world.

Create a welcoming workplace environment for employees with disabilities. Accessibility is essential to any DEI  (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) strategy.

Visually-Impaired-Website-Accessibility worker using accessible keyboard

Digital Marketing Impact: 12 – 50% More Visitors

Web accessibility can be a powerful tool for increasing website traffic and organic search engine optimization (SEO) benefits. By ensuring websites are accessible to all users, regardless of their abilities or disabilities, more people will be able to access the content on the website. Additionally, when webpages are correctly coded for accessibility standards, search engines can better crawl and rank them. This can help the website appear higher in organic search engine results, increasing website traffic. By making websites more accessible for all users, organizations can improve their SEO and gain greater visibility on the web.

Furthermore, web accessibility also has a positive impact on user experience. When websites are designed for accessibility, users with disabilities can better navigate and interact with the content on the website. This helps to create an enjoyable user experience that keeps people coming back to the site.

A recent study by Semrush and BuiltWith concluded that accessible websites increased organic SEO and website traffic by 12% on average.

Nearly 60 Million Affected

Try It Yourself

Click on the actual Handicap Icon located in the upper right corner, and the accessibility options menu will appear.

Try It Yourself

Click on the actual Handicap Icon located in the lower right corner, and the accessibility options menu will appear.

Accessible Technology Now Required in Major Contracts

According to Gartner: If you want to do business with significant governments, government-funded nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, or major technology companies, prepare for a new requirement. You must deliver products, services, and content compliant with WCAG Level 2 standards to ensure accessibility.

Gartner Study

Digital accessibility is no longer just a compliance issue; it’s a fundamental requirement for businesses with leading brands, even for small and midsize companies. 

Source: Gartner Study: Market Guide for Digital Accessibility (February 2023)

What Customers Say

Key Benefits for Website Owners

Compliance & Risk Mitigation, Employee Retention, Brand Loyalty, Market Opportunity,  Community Support

Compliance & Risk Mitigation
The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities. Since 2018 websites must be fully accessible and are covered by Title III of the ADA. Website owners must adhere to these standards. A disabled person can sue for damages under the ADA, and the Department of Justice expects website owners to comply. Lookit Design's solution includes a Litigation Support package and a Compliance Statement updated in real-time.
Market Opportunity
An estimated 17% of website users have one or more disabilities, which is projected to increase over the next 10 years. This represents a market opportunity for 60,000,000 consumers

  • Maximize your investment in Google, social media, and other digital advertising.

  • With Accessibility, you can see a 12% - 50% increase in website traffic. That translates to more revenue and improved customer engagement.
Brand Loyalty
A disabled person appreciates an accessible website. Make it easier for people to navigate your website, get information, buy products and services, or interact with your organization. Most important for:

  • Financial Institutions
  • Online Shopping
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality & Restaurants
Employee Retention
Digital accessibility is no longer just about serving customers with disabilities. It is now crucial to enhance the employee experience for the same people. This shift towards employee accessibility solutions has unlocked unparalleled opportunities for productivity and employment. Gartner predicts that by 2025, over 80% of digital workplace application leaders will prioritize accessibility.
Inclusion Matters
Why wait? By choosing our accessibility solution, you won't have to worry about making a plan to make your website accessible. You'll already fully comply with the ADA - and be a leader in diversity and inclusion. This is the safest approach for businesses. You can be a market leader and develop goodwill within your community.

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