Keep Your Website Secure & Compliant with Lookit's Managed Solutions

Cloud computing provides businesses with advantages over traditional hosting.

The scalability and flexibility of the cloud mean that companies can quickly adapt to changing needs and demands. Additionally, the security and cost-effectiveness of the cloud make it an attractive option for businesses of all sizes. Using the cloud gives companies a competitive edge and helps them to better engage with their customers. Lookit Design offers an array of cloud-based services to handle hosting, security, privacy and ADA compliance for businesses of all sizes.

Web Hosting & Infrastructure

Lookit Design offers fully managed hosting services that include 24/7 monitoring and support. We proactively manage your hosting environment to ensure optimal performance and security. Our clients don’t have to be technical experts or purchase cloud services individually from AWS. This makes it cost-effective based on your requirements.

Web Security

Lookit Design has a balanced approach to protecting small and mid-size business websites from cyber threats, combining firewalls, malware and blocklist detection and removal services, data backup, and proactive software upgrades. Lookit Design will protect your website from known security vulnerabilities and keep your site running smoothly.


Build trust with your users by being transparent. By providing a clear and concise privacy policy, you are letting your users know that their data is safe with you. By making your website accessible, you are sending the message that you value all customers, regardless of ability or disability. This inclusive attitude can help you attract new business and retain loyal customers.

Web Hosting & Infrastructure

Your website is a powerful marketing tool, and we make sure that our client websites establish or strengthen their online presence, reach new markets, and boost their bottom line. Our design services incorporate graphic design and content creation to ensure that your site is beautiful and engaging, and informative for your visitors.

Web Security

Lookit® Web development creates complex web-based applications, integrating with social network applications and many business applications. Lookit Design uses Content Management Systems like WordPress or Full Stack development for more custom programming requirements. 

Web Content

Lookit Design provides web copywriting and editing to effectively communicate with your target market. This improves search engine ranking, boosts sales, and generates leads. Lookit uses AI to rapidly create customized content. Lookit also provides quality stock photography.