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Lookit Design incorporates nearly 2,000 modules for the most widely used third-party services, updated to reflect current policies by each service provider.

Why having a privacy policy is critical for all website owners

Build Trust with your Audience

When it comes to your website, having a privacy policy is critical. Build trust with your users by being transparent. By providing a clear and concise privacy policy, you are letting your users know that their data is safe with you. You can reinforce this trust by including a visual “privacy safe trust seal” on your website. This will let your users know that you are up-to-date with your privacy policy and that they can trust you with their data. Lastly, those who take the time to read your privacy policy will feel safer and more comfortable using your website and are more likely to refer and recommend your website to friends and business associates.

Privacy Policy Compliance is the Law!

Almost all countries around the world have data privacy laws. They require that you protect and process personal information with due care. The California Online Privacy Protection Act (CalOPPA) requires you to “conspicuously post a privacy policy on your website.” The European Union has enacted comprehensive regulations and laws that penalize companies with fines up to 20 million euros for non-compliance.

When collecting personal data from European Union citizens, you must also have a cookie policy. This is because the EU enforces strict laws and standards known as GDPR that govern how websites handle cookies and tracking technologies. A cookie policy is a statement that explains to your users what cookies are and how you use them. It should be clear and concise, explaining what types of cookies you use and why. It should also explain how your users can opt out of cookies if they wish.

Third Party Services require you to display a privacy policy.

Your website connects to other websites and services, often through APIs. Without these external services, your website would be a static “brochure site” with no functionality or exciting content for your audience. You must incorporate these connections into your Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy, because the privacy of your website visitors is impacted by these external services.

These services include social media widgets, logins to social media accounts for commenting or reposting content, Facebook Advertising, Google Analytics, Google Maps, Google Ads, YouTube widgets, Email marketing, payment processing, contact forms, event management, and many more. By incorporating these services into your Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy, you ensure that your website visitors know how their data is being used and collected. This increases transparency and builds trust with your audience.

Lookit Design incorporates nearly 2,000 modules for the most widely used third-party services. These are regularly updated to reflect changes in policies published by each service provider. For example, if Google changes its privacy policy for Google Analytics, that change is automatically reflected in the appropriate section of your website’s Privacy Policy. This ensures that your website remains compliant with all applicable policies.

This compliance is essential because it helps protect your website from potential legal liabilities. By remaining up-to-date on these policy changes, you can help avoid any adverse consequences of violating a policy.

Publish a Corresponding Cookie Policy

Our solution makes it easy to set up a cookie policy by automatically generating one based on the relevant clauses in your privacy policy. This way, all the details listed in the privacy policy are considered. The Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy are automatically synced, so there’s no risk of inconsistent updates or definitions.

For companies with more rigorous standards and all websites covered by EU Regulations, a Consent solution can be implemented so that each new site visitor must affirm consent. The proof of consent is recorded, and a log is maintained for historical reference and compliance. If your website is viewed within the European Union, and you receive personal information from EU residents, GDPR standards apply.

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