Congratulations Ashley Brundage & Empowering Differences on Supporting the Disabled

Congratulations Ashley Brundage & Empowering Differences on Supporting the Disabled
Ashley Brundage CEO of Empowering Differences
ADA compliance is essential for website and business owners who support Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for the Disabled.

Ashley T Brundage, the founder, and president of Empowering Differences, recognizes just how important it is to maintain ADA accessibility on websites.

Having experienced first-hand the struggles with gender identity, education, ability, and belief throughout her journey to gain acceptance, ADA compliance presents a vital opportunity for everyone to experience equality online.

For website owners is an important element to consider, as it helps ensure that everyone has access to all the information available on the web. Ashley T Brundage is a great example; she has worked tirelessly for many years to raise awareness and acceptance of gender identity and expression. Her experience demonstrates how ADA compliance can benefit individuals, both in terms of providing them with better opportunities for educational advancement, as well as in having their identities respected by a larger society.

The Reason For Accessibility

Website accessibility promotes a more inclusive experience across websites, meaning users of all abilities have an equal chance to participate without additional restrictions or barriers hindering their activities.

Empowering Differences ADA Compliance Solution

Empowering Differences chose Lookit Design’s ADA Compliance Solution because it addresses all website disabilities, including visual impairment (blindness, poor vision), cognitive impairment (Autism Spectrum, ADHD), and motor skills impairment. Lookit was also able to implement the system within 24 hours and at an affordable cost.

Ashley Brundage Empowering Differences Seminar Speaker

About Empowering Differences

Empowering Differences is an organization founded on the 10 Empowering Actions used by founder Ashley T Brundage to advance her career in less than five years.

The company was started in 2011 when Ashley recognized the need for leadership-based training to empower and inspire organizations and diverse individuals.

Empowering Differences is also a certified LGBTBE through the NGLCC.

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